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Sneakers by Tiago Magro

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Brazilian Artist Tiago Magro teamed up with adhesivo mag to release this Unique Edition of 25 Custom Pair of Sneakers.

This is a one-time opportunity to let Tiago turn a pair of White Sneakers into a Custom Masterpiece. Only 25 People in the entire world will own a pair - will you be one?

How it works:

1. If you chose the "Sneakers Included" Option, you'll be able to select your desired Brand + Model from a List. We'll ship you the Sneaker Pair intervened by Tiago, ready to be worn.

2. If you chose the "Sneakers Not Included" Option, we'll send you an email after checkout with the address where you should ship your desired pair of sneakers. We'll ship you back the pair intervened by Tiago, ready to be worn. 


  • After 7-10 days you will receive your sneakers.
  • Please note that every pair is hand-painted and unique. Artwork will be based on the sample picture shown.
  • 10% of Proceeds will be donated and used for ART Supplies for Students in Miami
  • Contact us for any further questions at hello@adhesivomagazine.com



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Tiago Sneaker White Background.jpg
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